ACTUATOR UPGRADE KIT SKYLINE GT-R Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 14030-AN002



RB26 GTIII Sports Turbine Kit

This actuator is used in RB26 GTIII sports turbine kit with boost over 1.0kgf/cm2(98.1kPa).

It is for users who desire high power.






More stable operation with original large type diaphragm & spring.
Quick boost response and stabilized feeling at high RPM.
This actuator is equipped in GTⅢ-RS turbine kit(11004-AN012) from May, 2017


【Test Vehicle】 Skyline GT-R/BNR34

・GTIII-RS Sport Turbine Kit
・RB26 2.8L KIT STEP2
・V CAM System STEP2
・Large Capacity Injectors
・Performance Fuel Pump
・R-Type Intercooler
・Super Turbo Muffler
・Metal Catalyzer
・F-CON V Pro Ver3.4
・Actuator Set Length⇒Tighten standard with 6 rotations and enhanced with 2 rotations




※modification is required in some vehicles.

※The torque and engine output may vary depending on the measuring instrument and/or individual difference of vehicles.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
SKYLINE GT-R BNR34 RB26DETT 99/01-02/08 88.3~98.1kPa (0.9~1.0kgf/cm2) 14030-AN002 For GTIII Sports Turbine Kit. Fuel Resetting is required.