ACTUATOR UPGRADE KIT LANCER EVOLUTION X Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 14030-AM001




This strengthen actuator is the first step of the boost up tuning for Lancer Evolution X.
It's an easy boost up tuing because it can be used without an EVC installation.



◆ Features

(1) Boost up without EVC
HKS' electric boost controller "EVC" uses correction maps to control boost of 4B11 engine.
Actuator Upgrade Kit enables boost up without EVC.
Of course, It is possible to use them together.

(2) Safe boost up solution without affection to stock management system.
10kPa (0.1kg/cm2) can be increased from stock boost level. This level does not cause engine check light problem.

(3) Feel boost up effect at partial throttle and high rpm range
Large diaphragm that is used for HKS GT Pro turbines enables quick boost increasing and stable high boost level.



◆ Performance comparison


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
LANCER EVOLUTION X CZ4A 4B11 07/10- 73.6~78.5kPa (0.75~0.8kg/cm2) 14030-AM001