Super Power Flow VOXY Explanation of the product Application chart
Super Power Flow

Code No. 70019-AT113






  • The acceleration point is much improved, especially high RPM acceleration is much better than normal. It has a sporty 4 cylinder NA intake sound.
  • It has a good position in the engine compartment which makes it cool and beautiful layout.





  • Super Power Flow Reloaded is Air cleaner for Engine.
  • Please change the Super Power Flow filter regularly for the best result.
  • Please change for the heat resistant type Spark spark plug because you will have more engine output with this item installation. Especially for higher power sport racing you must change it!
  • This item is produced from the stock vehicle, but you might need to reset for adjustment of the air flow meter output device or fuel related devices (such as F-CON) because there are many different types of vehicles.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
VOXY CBA-, DBA- AZR60G 1AZ-FSE 04/08-07/06 Super Power Flow Φ200-80/Green 70019-AT113