SUS CENTER PIPE LEGACY TOURING WAGON Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 33004-AF004






JASMA # 06C00488

Main material SUS304 (* 2)
Diameter of Center Pipe φ75→φ60 X 2
Partition number 2
Close noise level Stock 83dB (★62dB)
HKS C/P + stock main 85dB
HKS C/P + HKS SH/M 87dB (★65dB)
Height of the installed vehicle (*4) Height 140mm
Kit part Center Pipe

* The sound data of BP5.






φ70 specification Close noise level Left:89 Right:88 (stock), Left/Right:87 (silent Hi-Power/ES premium installed)


* 2:about main materials for configuration diagram
SUS304 : SUS304/high quality stainless steel
SUH409 : SUH409/stainless steel material that are used a lot for stock


* Hook, bracket and stay might change without prior notice.

★:For idling exhaust sound


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Consist of Code No. Price Remarks
LEGACY TOURING WAGON TA-, CBA- BP5 EJ20(TURBO) 03/05-09/05 φ75 - φ60 x 2 2 33004-AF004 * To be discontinued. φ75