SUS CENTER PIPE FIT Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 33004-AH002







JASMA # 06C00474


Main material SUS304 (* 2)
Diameter of Center Pipe φ45
Partition number 1
Close noise level Stock 76dB (★51dB)
HKS C/P + stock main 77dB (★55dB)
HKS C/P + HKS SH/M 90dB (★62dB)
Height of the installed vehicle (*4) Height 140mm
Kit part Center Pipe






Close noise level of stock muffler installed:77dB silent Hi-Power installed:90dB


* 2:about main materials for configuration diagram
SUS304 : SUS304/high quality stainless steel
SUH409 : SUH409/stainless steel material that are used a lot for stock


* 4: The values are the shortest length of HKS muffler (all the parts for Kit) and street surface to clearance for HKS muffler installed. Therefore the shortest height length value might be different from length of the vehicle itself. Please note that the data is normally the data of stock suspension, but some data is from the low down spring and vehicle height kit together.


* Hook, bracket and stay might change without prior notice.

★:For idling exhaust sound


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Consist of Code No. Price Remarks
FIT DBA- GE8 L15A 07/10-10/10 φ45 1 33004-AH002