F-CON iS, F-CON V Pro OPTION PARTS Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 42999-AN001





This adaptor is for the vehicles with F-CON V pro installed.

Installing this adapter can prevent lighting of the CEL and cancel the fail safe mode control, which are unnecessary when using F-CON V pro, for more reliable control.
When F-CON V pro controls the fuel and valve timing, the factory ECU recognizes these values as abnormal values, and the CEL may come on. This is unnecessary for the vehicles controlled by F-CON V pro. This product can prevent this unnecessary function.




●A/F Feedback Control Error Prevention Function
When F-CON V pro controls the fuel, if the factory ECU cannot control the A/F to the target value, the CEL comes on by detecting an error such as the rich-lean abnormality and the idling speed may be increased.
This product can detect the fuel control feedback conditions of the factory ECU from the OBDII connector and output the dummy A/F sensor signal of the target A/F; therefore issues such as the rich-lean abnormality can be prevented.

●Valve Timing Control Error Prevention Function
When F-CON V pro controls the valve timing, the CEL comes on and fail safe mode is activated to increase the idling speed because a factory ECU cannot control the valve timing to the target timing, or the oil control valve solenoid’s load is not connected.
This product monitors the current from the oil control valve solenoid and sends a dummy cam angle signal to the stock ECU to prevent errors related valve timing.




The CEL lighting caused by the fuel feedback and valve timing control errors is not necessary under control by F-CON V Pro; therefore, they can be canceled by installing this product. On the other hand, the CEL does come on when other errors are detected so necessary warnings to maintain the vehicle are still able to be received.


Product Application product Code No. Price Remarks
F-CON iS V Pro Ver.3 V Pro Ver.4
F-CON V Pro CF adapter × 42999-AN001 For F-CON V Pro. Only for GT-R(R35).