VAC FAIRLADY Z Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 45002-AN007



Size 79 X 79 X 27[mm]  

AC Type Z is a device that cancels speed limiter of FAIRLADY Z for circuit driving.
CAN BUS signal, which controls whole vehicle systems, will be used for cancellation of speed limiter.
Thus, speed limiter is cancelled safely and surely.
Only 4 wires of ECU harness need to be modified to connect VAC Harness.
Once VAC Harness is removed, it will be stock control.




  • Speed limiter cancellation function
  • Option speed signal output function



  • If option vehicle speed analog output wire that outputs converted signal from CAN BUS system, is connected to
    Circuit Attack Counter, Turbo Timer etc., car speed can be monitored. (Speed pulse 4)
  • As it is an external device, even if data of stock ECU is reflashed, functions of VAC Type Z can be used.
  • Stock meter shows actual vehicle speed.



  • Modify 4 wires of ECU harness and connect VAC Harness.
  • Connect VAC Harness to VAC Type Z Unit.
  • Fix VAC Type Z unit.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Price Remarks
FAIRLADY Z Z34 VQ37VHR 08/12-17/06 VAC VAC Type Z 45002-AN007 Not for a vehicle w/ SynchroRev control system.